My address :

Naren S. Murthy

17 Vandercastel Rd

Sterling VA 20165

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A short poem to reflect :

As night disappears down the way

Dawn comes softly upon with a sway

Shining more shining and most shining.


When the dew drops gaze back at you

Misty daze surrounds and envelops you

Silent less silent and least silent.


The day breaks into a pithy comment

Never a dull or silent moment

All is bright better bright and best bright.



The Sun sets high so high

In the noon sky

Silence silence and more silence.


Blistering heat and warmth

Dry as a bottle cork and open hearths

Silent silent and most silent.



The birds chirping in air

The leaves rustling in high gear

All with nary a care.


The dogs barking in shade

Dusk shadows already made

All with imbued grace.



As night falls into deep sleep

Darkness makes its full sweep

Silence silver silence and golden silence.